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Water Damage DIY Can lead to Disaster

by Bill Smith on 02/19/14

    Unfortunately many people believe that when they come across water damage in the home that a simple wet dry vac will be enough to clean up the mess and guarantee the structure of the home.  Unfortunately, the visible standing water is only one small portion of the damage that has probably been caused by the water.  As we know, water is powerful and works its way into any crack, crevace or crawl space, and it is the water that isnt visible to the naked eye that can cause rot and detieroration of the structure of the home, and lead to dangerous mold and mildew.  A restoration company like www.advancedprsofatlanta.com can respond to your water issue same day, 24/7 and see if the damage is a simple clean up, or something we will need to help you file a claim for from the insurance company.  The most important thing in these water damage situations is to ensure that the water, both obvious and hidden, is cleaned up quickly - in the long run this will save the homeowner thousands, so before you assume a simple DIY project will get the job done, give a call to Atlanta's Premier Restoration Company, Advanced PRS, and let us have a look...

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