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Are your pipes frozen or ready to burst?

by Bill Smith on 01/08/15

     So the temperature is about 12 degrees today in the Atlanta Metro Area, and with that comes FROZEN pipes that when they thaw BLAMMO - they can burst!  Now, we all know that this can happen but how can we tell if it is happening to us at home?  Simple!  If it has been subzero for one, but especially 2 nights in a row (and not like 30 degrees but low teens etc) and when you wake up in the morning the water isnt flowing from the hot water tap, the cold water tap, or either tap - chances are your pipe is frozen!  Here is the unfortunate part....there is nothing we can do.  Helpless, we have to wait for the pipes to thaw and only then will the crack expose itself by way of water pouring out of it!  Ironically most people experience that the hot water faucet is the first to freeze, followed by the cold water, then eventually both....  So what can you do? Call a certified local Atlanta water damage restoration company that has experience with frozen pipes because though it is true that they cant help you right now, rest assured you will need them as soon as the pipes thaw.  Apex Disaster Services is a Norcross based Water and Fire and Mold damage restoration company that can be of service and give you advice on what to do now, and what to expect.  You can find out more about them by clicking here

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