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Arctic Temperatures Causing Pipes to Freeze & Burst in Atlanta Area!

by Bill Smith on 01/06/15

Bundle Up!!  The entire Atlanta Metro Area is FREEZING!  With temperatures below 32 degrees the pipes around Atlanta, Alpharetta, Marietta and beyond are under great stress as the standing water in them begins to freeze and expand!  Unfortunately for homeowners and business owners many people dont realize that in the south where our pipes are not used to the strain of freezing temps you must help them during these cold days by leaving faucets running.  Running water through the pipes makes it nearly impossible for the water to freeze.  If the water doesnt freeze, then the pipes wont be put under the strain of expansion, and of course your pipes wont burst.  If it is too late and you sense lower water pressure this am when you hop in the shower or turn on a faucet - do not delay!  Call a professional Water Damage Company immediately and leave the faucet turned on!  It may not be too late, but dont take a chance, call us for a free inspection now or visit us for more info on frozen pipes.

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